I finally made it inside th shuttle . Now to sleep for 2hrs . And then … Get to my room … Unpack somewhat … Eat … I need to eat .

I peed … As fast as I could . 15 more mins before the shuttle is here . Welp

I need to pee … but if I go , who will watch over my luggage .??

I feel like imma hit my post limit soon (I don’t know why) . 
So this is goodbye . I still have liek 50mins before my shittle … (SHUTTLE) get here … but yeah … I’ll just … watch YouTube vidds or something … I’m hella tired … so I’ll probably knockout in the shuttle bus … welp .


Mazume Week, Day 3: Glances

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Naruto and Hinata timeline, requested by anonymous 

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glow blog

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what color will morning come in?

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Elie Saab - Spring Summer 2012

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